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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Random work pics that need to be sorted out

What a view this place has.
Here is the road to get there, over the Forresthill bridge and through the woods. I have always loved working out in the hills, just love the scenery.

For such a little house there is a lot of challenging scaffold set ups. Dont look down, if you are afraid of heights. It seems higher up when its on top of a hill like this house is.

Its nice to do new construction again heres hopes that the economy will turn around and there will be more work like this for American construction workers. Go green with Green Go© Plastering Services!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bob place in Woodpecker Country

There will be good relief from the Afternoon sun here, it kind of tied the whole back of Bob's place together. A nice small job all in all, in some beautiful country up in Auburn.

215 Tahoe got Plastered

The doorway to the laundry room needed to be widened so when we took out the door frame surprise! The blocks were hollow and ready to fall apart. We cut some angle iron into the joints and now it will be a quite custom feature, I think.
Caution this header was a little loose there were just 2 doorways that were not concrete lintels. We were able to pour some concrete into these cells and tie it in to the side there with re-bar, I think our fix here was awesome.
Here it is all browned in not sure if it can be zoomed in to see the cool iron work.

Some brown coated walls with sections left out I believe it will look awesome when done I need a pic of the sample area. Its right here behind where Nates truck is parked. A west facing wall, afternoon blitz by the sun.

Alley is a supposed no parking zone, but sometimes I had to.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tomorrow this wall will have Mud on it.

The Tri plex in Roseville is Coming along

We are doing it all here, the blocking in of the garage doors, which needed a permit if you didn't already know, some interior work, and of course stuccoing the complete exterior. I didnt know we needed a permit for the block, although I guess it's to be expected, the city of Roseville needs revenue. They just aren't getting enough from seat belt and cell phone violations.

Some before pics here...

Early on in the process, before the red tag stoppage.

We did one of the apartments interiors, the tenant Joe moved in before I could get a pic of it all painted, I may ask him for a shot of the cool rough interior finish we did. He is a drywall guy so it may gall him to have to look at our job, jk he is very nice and I think he liked our finish.

We lathed the exterior with wire to insure it didnt fail, and we hand nailed the entire thing into the block, luckily it was pretty soft. We are leaving sections out so it looks like it is an olde distressed bldg.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another recent Completion

It still looks grey but its just not dry and its paint grade stucco finish, when its painted it will be like that deck never fell off.
Check the custom vent we added in, ideas cost $$ too, we always try to hold one back. Because sometimes customers take our ideas and give them to the low bidder, not fair!
I had to throw this pic in, its so beautiful.: )

Brown coat